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About The Author

Man kneeling in prayer
"In your depths
Lies a reunion altogether Divine.
Wait for no one.
Immerse yourself in Love.
Converse with the Nameless.
Remember your native tongue.
~ In The Mystery


While I'm described as the author of this series,
I wasn't its creator as much as its receiver.  

I could say this path began when I was twenty years old, but, even quite young, I sensed a presence that enveloped this world and everyone in it. I realize now that this Presence (God/Goddess, Allah, the Absolute, All That Is) is in a constant state of Being and gives rise to everything in this astounding universe.


These missives live in my marrow, and I'm grateful for the chance to share them. Now you're here, too. 


Welcome to the Mystery.

Tibetan Prayer Wheels
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