About The Author

"Turning within?
Perturbed by the lack of silence?
Wishing for something deeper?
A life-altering moment,
An unmistakable reminder
of who you really are?
You must be on your way."
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My Story


While I'm described as the author of this series,
I wasn't its creator as much as its receiver.  
I experience a resonance that stills my mind. Words follow, sometimes seamlessly, insights that lead to deeper truths.


Many have surfaced over the years and many have deepened. I strive to capture their essence as closely as possible, using their rhythm and cadence to guide me. 

I could say this path began when I was twenty years old, but, even quite young, I sensed a presence that enveloped this world and everyone in it. I realize now that this Presence (God, Allah, the Mystery, All That Is) is in a constant state of becoming everything in this remarkable universe.


These missives live in my marrow, and I'm grateful for the chance to share them. 


Now you're here, too. 


Welcome to the Mystery.