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More Praise for the Mystical Traveler Series

"Your name is on the wind. A blast of truth is about to take you in."."

“Every once in a while, a collection of verse is written that has a universal metre – a purity and simplicity that transcends cultures and speaks to everyone, regardless of nationality, sex, creed, or any other differentiator. ‘Only This’ by Fawn Moran is just such a work. She imparts inspiration in many of poems, such as in “The Summons”: “Heed without hesitation / All That Is invites / Your participation. / But don’t look back. / The future you dream of / Isn’t behind you.” In “Rise,” the message is also uplifting: “The deeper you go / The higher you will rise. / But don’t be fooled. / There’s much to apprise. / Pain, sorrow, fear, turmoil / Keep you at bay. / Face them before it’s too late. / A life-changing breakthrough is on its way. / The love you’re made of / Will take their place.” On the subject of love, in “Take a Chance”: “Love won’t betray you / Or leave you in the dust. / Claim the courage you’ve denied – / Too broken to take a risk / Too angry to try, / Too fearful of failure – / You wouldn’t take a chance. / Courage leads to hidden treasure. / Invite the one who loves you / To share the adventure.” And, finally, a poem about “Prayer”: “Prayer isn’t about things you want / Or wish to be. / It’s your ever present longing / For Divinity.” Five stars for this fine collection of verse, and a heartfelt thanks to the author for committing such sincerity and insight to paper.” Don Sloan, a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and is now a full-time indie book reviewer.    “In The Mystery arrived in the mail yesterday. It's beautifully put together in every way – the photographs so tender, the words so sublime. I look forward to visiting it often. Thank you for sharing it with me. I applaud the steadfastness of your effort in sensing these (prose) poems and channeling them onto the page so grace-fully. May they reach those who are ready to hear and resonate with them. In your preface to Ever Deeper: Nothing Less Will Do, you tell us that "words surfaced with a cadence…all their own," and some “took the form of letters from an unseen friend." In reading them, you counsel, "It's the resonance you're after." Indeed….the best way to engage this work for most of us is likely to find a quiet space and read a phrase or more every so often, to reflect and let the words reverberate over time…grounded in the now. The words in Ever Deeper are subtle. Thus, your mind should help you create the space to read and listen, after which you're advised to set it aside (count on the mind resisting). While Ever Deeper will carry some across the bridge into the land of non-duality – perhaps in a blink – it will surely place those who approach it with an open heart solidly on the path AND catalyze the journey in small or great ways for those already headed in that direction." Robert Black, a learning specialist for middle and high school students, and adjunct creative writing professor at NYU.

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