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Praise for the

Mystical Traveler Series

"A heart unbound turns your life around."."

“Fawn Moran is further confirmation of the saying that the gods are not illiterate… even when they speak in an esoteric key. The poems gathered in her Mystical Traveler series were received in states of silent ecstasy, much like certain writings of the feminine mystics of the Middle Ages. Not only do they bear the marks of that heterodox strain of Christianity – they uncannily whisper of a mysterious, divine presence so close as to be within, even as it is beyond everything in this world – but they do so in a voice influenced by an eclectic, lifelong spiritual itinerary. 

A longtime HIV activist, Fawn founded during the height of the AIDS crisis the first publishing house producing educational literature for the clinics that were ground zero in the struggle for the lives of gay men. After watching her friends slowly die from the disease and having her own unresolved traumas rise again, she went on an inner quest to know herself that brought her face to face with death before leaving her transformed: serene, less attached, and, dare I say, a bit wise. I encountered her while doing ethnographic research on channeling, and came to trust her discerning, profound perspective, which can be heard throughout these little books. Those who know they are lost can find some light here, along with an invitation to not fear the unknown paths ahead.”

Peter Skafish, Anthropologist,
Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Collège de France


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