The Mystical Traveler Series

"Recognize who you are.

Becoming is your nature,

Consciousness, its highest form,

Love, the means to its unfolding,

For this you were born."

Sourced in


Collection II


"Erase all thought.

Be a vessel, not a sleuth.

Engender innocence.

Cultivate truth.

Seek the Absolute."

155 pages

About The Mystical Traveler Series


These books are collections of insights meant for the seeker after freedom, the student after truth, the mystic after God. It's the resonance you're after, however the words align, words with a cadence all their own. 


Read these words in any  order. There are no page numbers, chapter headings or titles to distract you. As you read, steep yourself in the Silence that ensues, the one that emanates from deep within. The love you're made of will still the din. Then make this peace your daily bread. Blessings really are your due. 

"Reach within for what you need.

Your Inner Self is vast indeed."

"Your journey's done when you are One.

Listen for your cue."

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