The Mystical Traveler Series

In The Mystery

Contemplative Living

in a Chaotic World


"Recognize who you are.

Becoming is your nature,

Consciousness, its highest form,

Love, the means to its unfolding,

For this you were born."

About The Mystical Traveler Series


These books are meant for the student after truth, the seeker after freedom, the mystic after God. It's the resonance you're after, however the words align, words that surfaced with a rhythm and cadence all their own. 


Steep yourself in the Silence that ensues. The love you're made of will still the din.

"Reach within for what you need.

Your Inner Self is vast indeed."

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Collection II


"Erase all thought.

Be a vessel, not a sleuth.

Engender innocence.

Cultivate truth.

Seek the Absolute."

"Your journey's done when you are One.

Listen for your cue."

New! A Work of Visionary Fiction
The Uncommon Adventures of Max Stillman

       Max Stillman, once a scientist, now a seeker on the road to anywhere, ends up in the Delaware Water Gap, which isn't really in Delaware, at the Blue Star Cafe, which isn't really a cafe, where the real and transcendent trade places. The people he meets shatter his concepts about what it means to be human, offering Max kernels of truth he will never forget...


       "Remember the one truth that drives all others. That truth is Love.

Embrace it and you will see how lovingly it sets you free.” 


More Books in The Mystical Traveler Series

"When you dream of oceans of bliss,

Bring the Light from that world into this."


“I picked up this book (Living Prayer) not quite knowing what to expect. What I found were poetry written from the soul of a mystic. There is nothing I love reading more than the narratives of mystic writers because the thoughts are so divine, and the words are like water to my hungry soul. It’s a short book, but it packs a powerful and inspiring punch.”


Theologian & Inspirational Author C. Orville McLeish